AutoFry | Ventless Automated Fryer
Take a look at some of the things that are possible to make your customers smile and cash register ring.
Convenience Stores  
Buffalo Wings
($2.80 cost / $3.45 profit)
Seven tender chicken wings dripping in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
Deep Fried Hot Dogs
($.46 cost / $2.49 profit)
One golden brown dog with an order of frie
Chicken Combo
($2.40 cost / $4.45 profit)
Five chicken tenders with a side of delicious French fries
French Fries
($.12 cost / $1.57 profit)
Heaping plate full of delicious deep fried French fries
Fish n Chips
($2.05 cost / $4.94 profit)
7oz Fillet of Haddock, beer battered, served with a side of fries
Baby Cake Hash Browns
($.14 cost / $1.35 profit)
Seven delicious crispy brown hash browns cooked to perfection
Onion Rings
($.70 cost / $2.55 profit)
Basket full of thick sliced O-rings double dipped in batter

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