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AutoFilter - Automatic Oil Filtration System

The Filtration System Extending Oil Life by up to 50%

The AutoFilter system is easy to use and effective! Simply place the AutoFilter unit in your oil pot and press the start button. Because the AutoFilter can be placed into your oil pots, you no longer have to transfer oil to an external filtering unit, saving you time and reducing the potential for kitchen accidents.

AutoFilter will automatically filter your fry oil at a rate of eight gallons per minute, cycling the oil through a 96-layer fine paper microfilter. This microfilter effectively removes any suspended sediment and oil contaminants including carbon.

These particles are the main factors in food discoloration and inconsisten flavor. Additionally they also contribute to the breakdown of oil, by removing them each day you can double the life of your frying oil, saving you money, time and waste. On average, users will see 35-50% longer oil life when using AutoFilter as part of a regular oil maintenance routine.


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